How To Help

We are a small, grassroots organization committed to reducing recidivsm while creating a sense of community & support for any women in need.

Classes 3 days a week at the Pinellas County Jail provide women inmates an opportunity to create marketable crafts while surrounded by positive, supportive women who teach stress coping tools, mindfulness trainings & job readiness skills

Below are ways that you can get involved; please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Thank you so much for your time & consideration; it is deeply appreciated.

Volunteers are needed to:

  • Collect & cut up used clothing, sheets, & towels for sewing class.
  • Visit consignment shops, thrift stores & fabric/upholstery stores to solicit/collect donations such as fiberfill, crochet cotten, fabric….
  • Email friends/colleagues explaining program to solicit donations & volunteers
  • Volunteer time in class Wednsedays to Fridays mentoring, coaching or supervising participants.
  • Spread the word to church groups, community centers, civic groups & anyone you think might be interested in getting involved. (Barbara Rhode, Red Tent Founder, is available as a speaker as invitations arise)
  • Help create forms, fliers or help organize documents & paperwork

To begin, please download, complete and submit the Volunteer Application (Below). We’ll get back to you in short order &  thank you for helping us help them!

Financial Support

Your cash donation helps provide materials and supplies for the women, bridges the gaps in our service delivery system and supports the beautification efforts of the Red Tent environment within the jail. We are always very grateful for your financial support. Thank you.

We Need Stuff…

We’re always looking for raw materials for our projects as well as inspirational, pro-social literature for the women.

  • Self-help books, novels & women’s magazines
  • Educational/inspirational DVDs
  • Open weave cloth & muslin
  • Crochet cotton
  • Buttons, beads, ribbon, etc.
  • Copies of Anita Diamant’s, “The Red Tent” to give out to Red Tent graduates
  • Gift Cards to local stores such as Target, Walmart, Publix for released participants
  • Bus passes

  • Adult Coloring Books
  • Composition Notebooks (No rings)
  • Crayons/Colored Pencils/Markers
  • Crochet Cotton – all colors
  • Fiber Fill for stuffing pillows
  • Crochet Hooks
  • Fiberfill for stuffing pillows
  • Red 2 Pocket Folders (No Prongs)
  • Sugar Packets & Tea Bags
  • Yarn

Please reach out to us to discover our most pressing current needs.

Thank you for your support!