Meet the Women of our Store

Each member of our store staff are also incredible artists and contributors to our handmade products.

Store Manager: Ginny Smith

My Name Is Ginny Smith, as long as I can remember, I have been interested in arts and crafts. In my teens I started making jewelry for my friends and family. Later in my life I became the director of an Art League. I was so blessed and fortunate to meet Eileen. She had been beading for over 70 years in one form or another. She taught me so much. Not just about making jewelry but she increased my confidence as a woman. I feel the same way about the Red Tent. We are women supporting and encouraging each other through our crafting and fellowship.

Community Liaison: Audrey Myers

My name is Audrey Myers and I enjoy making and selling cloth bags to keep plastic grocery bags organized and in one place. I also repurpose denim, burlap and other materials to create door hangings with an embroidered message. I started crafting with the Red Tent Women’s Initiative in 2016.
The Red Tent Women’s Initiative provides me with support, sisterhood, and a freedom to be myself in a safe space. I am able to further my skill-set in a crafting space where women empower and help each other.

Terry Saxton

My name is Terry Saxton and I enjoy making quilts, beach blankets & wall hangings. I started creating with the Red Tent Women’s Initiative in 2014. The Red Tent has given me the chance to grow in so many ways. I adore all of the women I’ve met and worked with. We support and empower each other. Without the support of Red Tent Women’s Initiative, I don’t know if I would have made it through the difficulties in my life.

Stacy Marie

My name is Stacy Marie and I enjoy creating body and facial scrubs with pure essential oils, sugar, and coconut oil. As a trained cosmetologist, I know a thing or two about good skin care. My clients are pleased with the results after using my products. I became involved with the Red Tent Women’s Initiative in 2014. Red Tent has provided me with a sense of family and sisterhood. The Red Tent women have helped me grow as a person and learn to love myself. I am inspired to help other women as I have been helped. By selling my scrubs and other crafts, I am able to supplement my income and support my children.